Fellas Galore on Radio Ciroma: Rumours of sound war!


Today inside Fellas Galore, radio program by One Drop Fellas, Mella and Rosco outta DhS:
RUMOURS OF SOUND WAR soundclash addicter spot!

Last weekend we had War Ina East Soundclash, the annual biggest soundclash event in Europe, and we are going to have a little talk about it, especially cause one of the two finalists is Northern Lights, the italian sound which is shining the most representing the country!

TUNE IN: h 18:00 (Central Europe Time)
As usual you can listen to it at:

105.7 FM Cosenza


Starting as a humble try to put the art of soundclash back on the map in the Netherlands, Herb-A-Lize It succeeded doing so already staging their first fine clash in 2004. Since that first clash not only the sounds clashing each other at next editions have become bigger and more notorious and famous, but from 2007 “WAR INA EAST” has been one of the most important and talked about clashes each year worldwide.

“WAR INA EAST” rules the international soundclash scene and is a premium brand among dancehall connoisseurs and Herb-A-Lize It will ensure this clash remains a standout. We became even prouder of our “WAR INA EAST” clash and of ourselves as promoters getting worldwide recognition by collecting 2 awards voted for at Canada-based One for the best clash held in 2010 and a next one for Herb-A-Lize It being the best soundclash-promoter in 2010

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