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This summer was a Blast! and we had the chance to live it travelling around the south of Italy, touching some of the best Yards of the country, this is a video recap with the videos shoots and Edited by Francesco Pioda.

With this video we say thank you to all the people who has been our guests, the ones who invited us play them yard and the ones who spent part of this summer with us: 

Dj Zarra (Ikno - NewCastro sound) - Fulvio, Bartolo & Family (Sicily Rebellious) - Mad Myke - Vittorio, Alex & Domenico (Shanty Crew) - Sburio, Dero, Michall, JahBallo & Family (Bad Side Family) - Raffa, Boris, Charlie, Gigi (Heavy Hammer) - Alessio, Rocco, Stefano and family (Rude Massive) and all the others:

Respect & Love