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People, list be real: Being a good sound and a good entertainer is not everybody's talent!

Max respect to all the people who work hard to build sounds, but when it comes to Dancehall is not like everyone's party are the same. Every sound has his own style and tunes and is that what the people come a dance looking for: Biggest selection, righteous speeches and the right vibe.

Everybody knows that a Dance with Lion Pow is exactely like that! So why waste time looking for the baddest dancehall party when you can be updated through your email without any stress?

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Some good music for your ears from: Rootical Foundation alongside our Bredren Attila the Barbarian

Precedente HAPPY VALENTINE 'S DAY! Don't forget about your music! Successivo MILANO REGGAE NIGHT: Tonight ina Milan w/ LION POW